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Operative - Direzionali

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The research into an all-Italian design has resulted in Cerantola making and marketing a vast range of quality general office and executive or managerial chairs.

Attesa - Conferenza - Contract

tabWaiting - Conference - Contract

Cerantola's in-depth knowledge of metal machining and plastic moulding techniques has made it a leader in the waiting-room and conference chair manufacturing market.


tabComponents & parts

Cerantola has been manufacturing office and conference chair parts in plastic and metal for approximately 20 years.



Space was born from Cerantola's desire to create innovative and functional design products through the collaboration with highly skilled professionals.



Dream is the fruit of Cerantola's years of experience in the sector of chairs for waiting rooms and conference rooms and of the creative ability of qualified and valid designers who have designed a chair with personality, marked by its formal clean line, sophistication and elegance.